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After you get the remote tool, you need to create a new account and log into it. If you already have the account, you simply login. There is no reason to be worried about this aspect; You have the best Whatsapp spy tracker that will take care of notifying the someone whose mobile phone you keep under supervision.

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The supported platforms for monitoring software are android and iphone. Besides the possibility to view chat conversation histories on Whatsapp, this app has a lot of other features, but let us first talk about messaging.

Top 10 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps 12222

It is possible to look for the entire messages sent and received by a person, together with the date and time. Messages can be seen not only on Whatsapp, but on Viber and Facebook as well, if necessary.

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  • Watch out! It’s this easy to spy on WhatsApp chats.
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The monitoring tool also enables people to track and intercept phone calls. Spouses, employees and parents all want to find out what somebody is up to. If you are an in charge of any department, you have to look for the messages and check the calls of your employees to eliminate any risk. Select the device you want to Monitor Android. Apple Mac. Do you have physical access to the device you want to monitor?


I can access the computer and install programs on it. I can NOT access the computer. It is password protected or a remote computer. Do you have physical access to the Mac you want to monitor? I can access the computer and install programs on it with admin password.

I can NOT access and jailbreak it. I can get the device in my hand and unlock it.

How to Track WhatsApp Messages Free on Android Without Jailbreak

I can NOT access the device which I want to monitor. This feature virtually rules out hackers getting their hands on their data. There are numerous ways to do this.

More and more commercial monitoring services are popping up on the internet. In addition, they can even gain access to incoming, outgoing, and even missed calls, the calendar, photos, location histories, and lots more besides — everything beautifully presented and accessible online.

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Demand for these services is incredibly high, particularly among jealous spouses and anxious parents, who are just two examples among many who use the popular service MSpy. There are numerous options to get armed with the required info. Both of which — at least within the circle of family and friends — should be easy to find out.

When using MSpy with Android devices, things get much more complicated. With these devices, direct smartphone access is required for the spy to install the MSpy app which then transmits the data to the MSpy service. Incredible: With monitoring services, basically any friend or family member can spy on your WhatsApp chats.

How to spy whatsapp messages without installing on target phone?

The best precaution you can take against surveillance apps is to never let your smartphone out of your sight, and never share unlock codes or passwords with anyone. If you do, anyone in your circle can easily keep tabs on your messages. Also be wary who you lend your smartphone to, and make sure you never leave it lying around. So what can you do to stop this from happening?